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To Do | Details | panjandrums | Spam & Petitions

June 19th, 2017 by Gary Crow


The Audio Tidbits Podcast team has another idea generator session for you. As you will notice, the entries are not altogether connected but do share one element. They are each useful if you think about how they can add to your wheelhouse. Please listen and learn, as Simon likes to advise us.


#Is work piling up and there’s just too much to do?

Are you getting frustrated with things backing up on you?

Does your to-do list keep getting longer with no end in sight?

Would you stop and relax if you weren’t so up-tight?


#Every situation, set of circumstances, problem, or issue has its broad-brush look and feel. From that perspective, it takes on its special definition. Given that definition, Simon can draw on his insight and experience and take appropriate action. He does not need the details to know what to do. In fact, he is so oriented to managing people and processes at this level that he quickly becomes impatient with those who insist on providing far more detail than Simon wants or needs.


#Do you know about panjandrums? I didn’t before taking time to do some extensive research. – I looked the word up in the dictionary. – If panjandrum is one of your personal walking around words, I am more than a bit impressed. It’s true I probably am only impressed because I had never heard the word; and your knowing but not me, makes me think you are likely a panjandrum yourself, at least in the vocabulary department.


#SPAM is here to stay so knowing how to spot it and what to do with it are self-protection skills everyone who has an email account seriously needs. Of course, there are free SPAM filters, SPAM blockers that can be purchased for $19.95 or $29.95 or more if you have lots of extra cash, or SPAM detectives that will stop SPAM, block pop-up ads, and probably protect you from cyber monsters. All of these products are potentially useful and may even work. While you are deciding which protection you will buy, here are a few tips I have discovered that don’t cost anything and work pretty well for me, at least so far.


#I think it is appropriate to end this idea generator session with a situation where success was not the expected or actual outcome. I do this for those of us who have to content ourselves with not winning every time. Even if I weren’t a winner in the petition game, I still think I have a point. Let me share and then you decide for yourself.

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