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The Friendship Quiz

June 2nd, 2017 by Gary Crow

Marriage is both potentially very satisfying but sometimes quite exasperating. Hopefully the satisfying times far outnumber those times when you have to wonder why you ever thought this would be a good arrangement. In this episode of the Audio Tidbits Podcast, let’s think about how you can assure that those exasperating times are kept at a minimum and do not get out of hand.


Are you and your spouse good friends? If so, you have a strong basis for working out any issues or difficulties that may pop up. If not, the little problems, disagreements and conflicts are more likely to fester than they are to be worked through or perhaps simply overlooked.


We have a short quiz you can take to evaluate yourself as a friend to your spouse. Of course, the quiz applies equally well to any ongoing friendship relationship you have with someone close to you. Please listen, take the quiz and see how it fits with your understanding of friendship.


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