You Don’t Say!

How often do you find yourself just sitting around with a few friends and the conversation gradually dies? At first it is comfortable but after a while, it starts to get awkward. You can’t think of anything to say.


Do we have a deal for you. The team has gotten together to share two hundred and fifty two oldies but goodies to say to jump start the conversation. We know that you have heard them all before but having them handy can’t hurt when you are at a loss for words.


Relax. It takes a while.


Press play. Here we go.


Stuck In The Box

We can think in the box or out of the box but actually being stuck in the box is no place for nice people like us. You may be surprised to learn how easy it is to get stuck in the box and how simple it is to get unstuck. Please listen and discover the secret strategy. I am saying it is secret only because so few people actually use it.


Adaptive Leadership (007)

My father used to tell me that he never learned anything while he was talking. Yes, listen and learn was his technique for adding what others know to what he knows. At the end of the day, this was the best if not the only way to get smarter. This included seeing things from the point of view of other people and never assuming that his perspective was complete or even the best view point. This and other adaptive leadership tips are here for you in this episode of Audio Tidbits in the leadership category. As Dad liked to say, listen and learn.


Adaptive Leadership (005)

In this episode of the Leadership Shop Podcast, the series on adaptive leadership continues. Being organized is the first element discussed. This is followed by attention to the importance of timeliness which is followed by one of the key elements in adaptive leadership. Adaptive leaders are never slow to pitch in and do what needs done. Please listen as you enjoy this continuing series.


Write or not: Your Time Still Goes In One Of The Boxes

Writing is on the agenda, although exactly what passes for writing can often be a problem. In this episode, the team talks around the issues and then gets straight to the point. You say you are not a writer? I think you may get the point anyway. Listen and see how it works out for you.


Adaptive Leadership (003)

In this episode, the adaptive leadership series is continued. Focus is on leadership as a service and what does and does not lead to leadership excellence.

Note: In the last episode, I did not realize that the musical notes under the narrator might distort on a phone speaker. I’m sorry and will try to avoid similar issues.