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HTM 099 – Can & Did – Podcast Update – How To Matter

July 21st, 2016 by Gary Crow

In episode 99 of How To Matter, I share an update on both HowToMatter.net and on the How To Matter podcast. Special thanks go out to Dave Jackson of http://www.SchoolOfPodcasting.com for his help with the technology and to Becky Crockett of http://www.PodcastDesigns.com for her great work with HowToMatter.net, including design and graphics. If you ever need some help, you can’t go wrong by contacting Dave or Becky.

I also discuss “Can” and “Did.” I did what I did with the website and the How To Matter podcast and let you know what I “can” do as time goes on, including having some guests to share their perspectives on making a difference to people who make a difference to them. When all is said and done, though, the final judgment about the website and podcast are your call. I will appreciate hearing from you about your judgment and any suggestions you have for either the website or podcast. You can do that at feedback@HowToMatter.net or through providing a rating or review on iTunes or other place where you get How To Matter. Thanks for listening.


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