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HTM 082 – Today’s Work Today – How To Matter

June 29th, 2016 by Gary Crow

In episode 82 of How To Matter, our good friend Simon has some advice for us. We would not have expected any less. This time he is focused on being sure we get our success work done. The article below serves as the handout for the episode. In the podcast, I take us to the conclusion that the priority for us is to always make sure we get today’s work done today.

Simon says, “Your success depends on what you can do, not on what you cannot do.”

What you cannot do may be on your list of things you want to be able to do one day; but your services line is limited to what you can already do today. You may be a good singer, a serious student of eighteenth century philosophy, a skilled whittler, an expert on baseball statistics, a competent poker player, and still not be a link in the success chains of others. What you can do does not materially add to their success and thus, does not affect yours.

You cannot and should not spend every waking moment succeeding. You need other ways to express yourself and to get away from the success game. If you do not have other interests, the absence of fullness and richness in your life sooner or later lead to your being obsessed with success. Should that happen, certain failure is just around the corner. No one can pull the success wagon 24-hours a day forever.

Do what you can do today to succeed. The danger is likely not in becoming obsessed with success. It is in letting days and weeks pass without doing your success work, without expanding and enhancing your internal resources, without focusing on improving your services line, without marketing your services to the world. Sometimes it is not easy to identify success work you can do right now; but,

•There is always something you can do.

•You always have success options and opportunities.

The critical question is not whether there is success work available to you. It is, “What am I doing right now to succeed?” If you ask yourself this question once a day, every day, and if the answer is, “Whatever I can do right now to succeed,” your success is inevitable.


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