About The Podcast – How To Matter

How To Matter is not your typical warm and fuzzy people skills podcast. Yes, it brings you tips and strategies, approaches and suggestions for getting on with getting on with people. Were that all it had for you, it would still be worth a listen.

Dr. Gary Crow takes you beyond simply getting along and onto the path of How To Matter. Just getting along is not enough for you. For you, To Matter is to Make A Difference and to Make A Difference is To Matter.

In ten minute or less episodes most days, How To Matter brings you practical tips, suggestions and strategies you can use at home, at work and everywhere you go to make a difference with people who make a difference to you.
Gary draws on decades of experience with families, groups and organizations, with children and adults to bring you concise tips, suggestions and strategies you can use immediately to encourage and facilitate your success and the success of those people with whom you live and work. Each episode of How To Matter provides a to-the-point tip for you to consider as you interact with friends, family, coworkers and with others you know less well or perhaps not at all. The goal of each episode is to suggest one thing you can do To Matter in familiar and not so familiar situations to get better outcomes for you and for those with whom you need to deal today, to make sure you matter with style, all the time, on purpose.

Sure, Gary focuses on people and situations where you want to make a positive difference but does not skip over those people and situations that are especially frustrating and that occasionally drive you up the wall. The Frustration Factor is an unfortunate fact of life and knowing how to take the fizz out of the frustration is as important as knowing how to help people whose success is a priority for you.

If you want to contact Gary to provide feedback on the podcast or to suggest topics or situations for focus in future episodes, you can e-mail Feedback@HowToMatter.net or follow him on Twitter @DRGaryCrow or on Facebook at facebook.com/DRGaryCrow.