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Fully Qualified Jerk

I found myself musing the other day about what it would take to be a Fully Qualified Jerk (FQJ). This musing was prompted by what struck me as an odd comment. The person I was talking with (Call him Harold.) was upset with someone else (Call him Joe.) Harold said, "Joe is turning into a real jerk." This got me to musing. Apparently, Joe isn't a real jerk yet but is progressing in that direction. The what/why of turning into a real jerk is not clear to me but, according to Harold, Joe is doing it. I was drawn to the conclusion that some jerks are more qualified and others are less qualified, with "real jerks" being the most qualified. There then must be at least a few jerks who are fully qualified. If we knew who they are, we could give them the title Fully Qualified Jerk (FQJ) Tune in to learn what it takes to be an FQJ.


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Special People And The Loving Touch

Pass it on very carefully, especially to young people. Do you know what it is and are you passing it on? It was passed on to you when you were a kid; and now it's your turn. The youngster may live at your house, deliver your paper, be playing across the street, or just walk by; but pass it on you do. Tune in to hear more about the loving touch and passing it along.


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The Missing Penny

Here is a little math/thinking puzzle for young children. Listen to see how you do. You will likely not have much trouble with it but kids will be challenged.


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Charm School

Consider this wisdom from Oscar Wilde, “It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.” Which are you, charming or tedious? As you ponder the answer, keep in mind Wilde said it’s one or the other; there is no in-between. Tune in to learn more about where you fit in.


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EXTRA! The Frustration Factor -- By The Book

Do you ever have to deal with people who absolutely drive you up the wall? This EXTRA! series is for you. Each edition will offer tips and strategies for managing the most frustrating of frustrating people. This edition focuses on By-The-Book players. Tune in to learn the secrets of effective counter-play.


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