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Children Are People Too

"Children are one third of our population and all of our future." (Select Panel for the Promotion of Child Health - 1981) A frequent variation on the theme is, "Children are our most important resource." This is usually simply asserted as a given, with no further justification or explanation. You have likely heard it so many times that it has become little more than a cliché. It sounds right so everyone just takes it for granted that it's right; but are children actually "our most important resource?" More to the point, are they a resource at all? Please listen and consider.


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Never Too Late To Succeed

Simon says, "It is never too late for you to succeed or too soon to fail." If you think you are too late, too old, too tired, or too busy to succeed, you are only making excuses, blowing smoke, playing mind games with yourself. "I gave it my best effort and don't have any more to give," does not cut it either. That is just one more version of POOR ME and lets you know it is time for a serious attitude adjustment. You still have plenty of time to succeed but do not have any time left to fail. The only thing in your way is you. Get your get-up-and-go up and going today. Tune in for more.


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Sitting, Writing, And Special Boxes

I sat down to write this tidbit. As you can guess, sitting did not automatically trigger great insight or imagination. Sitting is certainly not a prerequisite for writing as most any teenager knows. I think were we to conduct a scientific survey, we would discover less than 4 in 37 people under twenty years old ever sit when writing unless required to do so in school or other similarly controlling environment. This may be an overly optimistic estimate if texting is considered to be writing. There is an interesting conclusion in there if you choose to tune in for the rest of the tidbit.


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Exasperating People

Have you ever wondered how exasperating people manage to be so exasperating? Well, it requires a set of skills that most people don't have but can develop, with practice. If you aspire to be among the exasperating elite, here is a baker's dozen of the most useful techniques to totally exasperate supervisors. With time and concentration, even amateurs can become proficient at exasperating most anyone. The only requirement is to creatively expand these techniques to other relationships and to add new and innovative techniques as you go along. Listen and judge for yourself. Sure, you may not personally choose to develop the required skill set but you likely know a person or two who has perfected the art. By listening, you will better understand their techniques and strategies.


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On Civilization

If you are like most everyone else, you don’t think much about civilization. You may know that Arnold Toynbee said, “Civilization is a movement and not a condition, a voyage and not a harbor.” Understanding civilization and society as equivalent concepts, “Society is a made-up formula of what we are supposed to be, kept alive by those who believe in it…,” according to Christina Gerogiannis. If you are like me and don't think much about civilization most days, it would be easy to pass on this audio tidbit. Even so, it's short (a mere tidbit) so go ahead and give it a listen. There may be a grain of truth worth a second thought.


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