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EXTRA! The Frustration Factor -- By The Book

Do you ever have to deal with people who absolutely drive you up the wall? This EXTRA! series is for you. Each edition will offer tips and strategies for managing the most frustrating of frustrating people. This edition focuses on By-The-Book players. Tune in to learn the secrets of effective counter-play.


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Leadership Cause And Effect

"Leadership is getting someone to do what they don't want to do, to achieve what they want to achieve." (Tom Landry) This brings to mind "manipulation" and "brainwashing." Sure, it also brings to mind "parenting" and "management;" but it hardly brings to mind "leadership." Fred Smith proposed a softer version of the idea when he said, "Leadership is getting people to work for you when they are not obligated," and Dwight D. Eisenhower put forth a similar idea with this definition, "Leadership: the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it." The notion is that leadership is characterized by one person (the leader) enticing or motivating someone else (the follower) to do something that he would not otherwise do were it not for "leadership." The question is whether the effect (doing something) requires the cause (leadership.) Well, perhaps not. Tune in to see what you conclude.


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Helping Your Child With School And Learning Problems

If your child is getting all A's and B's, is involved in school activities, has gotten into no trouble in school and is usually happy and positive about school, she is doing fine. But you already knew that. Here is what you may not know. The number of children who are doing well in school is about the same as the number who are having serious problems. If you are personally or professionally working with a child who is in the latter group, this audio tidbit is well worth the hour it will take you to give it full consideration. I suggest you consider downloading the MP3 file so you will have it at hand whenever you have an hour to listen or when a specific problem or issue comes up.


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You, Your Family & Depression

You are lost and at a loss about what to do. Your sense of who you are is gone. The center of your world, what made your life worthwhile is not there and is not going to return. Now you have no center, no reason for living. Your pain, despair, and loneliness are too great, more than you can stand, more than you want to stand. Depression is powerful and very dangerous. If you or one of your family members experiences significant depression that comes on quickly or suffers from periodic or chronic depression, please consult with a qualified mental health professional now. Depression should always be treated seriously and is unlikely to simply pass without unwanted consequences. Listen in to learn more about this important issue.


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The Train Of The Future

President Eisenhower said, “Neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him.” Proactively boarding the train isn’t just a good idea, it’s the only ride from the past. As Confucius counseled, “They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.” The advice was, in turn, expanded by Saint Augustine, “If you would attain to what you are not yet, you must always be displeased by what you are. For where you are pleased with yourself there you have remained. Keep adding, keep walking, keep advancing.” You may bemoan the ever-changing, uncertainty of life; but as Bertold Brecht pointed out, “Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.” Over four hundred years ago, Francis Bacon observed, “He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils; for time is the greatest innovator.” He also noted, “Things alter for the worse spontaneously, if they be not altered for the better designedly.” -- Tune in to hear more.


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