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Discipline has a negative side as it relates to rules, boundaries, and to the life-circle. Somewhat simplistically, this has to do with making your children mind and assuring they avoid unnecessary risks. Discipline also has a positive side. It encourages your children to participate in those activities and experiences that are good for them, even though this Sometimes means insisting. Here are the most important principles underlying effective discipline. Your discipline should be reasonable, fair, and effective. Tune in for more discussion on discipline.


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Exercise And Nirvana

I am still on a kick about getting my muse to return. It occurs to me it may be analogous to exercising. My idea is that it is like when runners talk about getting in the zone. They get so comfortable with running they are able to shift mind states, with the zone becoming their nirvana. I suspect the zone is not a place one arrives quickly or easily. Since I have never personally been there, I can only speculate; but it seems likely one would have to run and run and then run some more for a very long time before being in the zone becomes a reality. Here is my idea. Everything up to stepping into the zone is exercising. Everything after that is being a runner. Sure, there are probably a gifted few who bypass the exercise part and step into the zone without missing a step. Here I am limiting my idea to regular mortals who cannot bypass the exercise part. What does this have to do with writing? Listen and learn.


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Play By The Rules

Simon says, "Play by the rules." Simon is not a loose cannon. He plays by the rules and demands everyone on his team does likewise. You have undoubtedly run across the leader who believes he is above everyone else. Leaders like this think rules are for other people and what they want and do are exceptions to any rules or established procedures. Proactive Personal Style is not something they have thought about a lot, not that doing so would help them much. They are very far away from ever achieving Proactive Personal Style. Arrogance and a superior attitude are the order of the day for these high-and-mighty types. Want to hear more? Tune in.


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Leadership Principle No. 1

Either we are committed to excellence or we aren’t. There is no in-between. This may seem somewhat counterintuitive. It seems reasonable to think we might be more committed to excellence some days and in some situations than other days or in other situations. The point is that we cannot always be at our best; and quite frankly, we may not always feel like the situation or circumstances deserve our best. Excellence is at our option. Tune in to hear the bottom line.


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Audio Tidbits Presents The Friend Factory (Audio Edition Revised)

The Friend Factory is here in a new audio format. The audio experience for school age children has been redesigned with an ear for reading impaired youngsters, especially those with vision or other conditions that make reading printed books difficult or not possible. They learn how to be a friend, how to make friends, and how to be a champion friend picker. The audio presentation is fun, interesting, and offers children clear tips and suggestions for being the best friend and friend picker they can be. Give it a listen. It really is totally terrific!


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