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Think Blue

September 14th, 2017 by Gary Crow

Have you spent any time with a sneaky snake? The little critter slips into your life and the first thing you know, you are pulled out of your calm and tranquil world into the swirling winds of the sneaky snake. There are people who have a similar effect on us and our world. They spill their moods and unpleasant behavior all over us and quickly get us acting as irrational as they are. How does that happen and what can we do about it? Think Blue! Listen to learn how it works.


The Secret Success Sauce

September 12th, 2017 by Gary Crow

Have you wondered why some people succeed while others do not, why some people make success look easy and others struggle? It’s the secret sauce. Please listen to see if you have the secret sauce it takes to succeed.


Homeruns & Expectations

September 8th, 2017 by Gary Crow

Expectations are an odd thing. We think they are based on reasonableness, probability, judgment, or some other objective like process. Fortunately this is usually true. But, sometimes it isn’t.

In this episode of the Audio Tidbits Podcast I consider times when our expectations are based on little but a hope and a prayer, if not something even more tenuous. Your expectations are based on more solid stuff? Please listen and see if you are still so sure about that.


Parent Tutor: Your Growing/Doing Child

September 6th, 2017 by Gary Crow

This episode of the Parenting Tutor is about an hour and covers the key elements of the physical/doing dimension from the infant times to the teenage years. Below are excerpts from each of the sections Sharon focuses on in the tutorial. Listening to the tutorial gives you a good foundation as you live and grow with your child. We hope you enjoy the tutorial and find the tips and suggestions helpful.

Your Growing Child: Your baby starts her journey into adulthood with very little going for her other than an inborn potential to grow and become. Within the first few weeks of life, she begins the lifelong process of experiencing, exploring, and expressing herself. This is a very physical/doing time of life for baby. She spends most of her waking hours looking, making noises, learning to hold up her head and turn over, squirming and moving around, trying and then learning to pick things up, usually putting them in her mouth, and gradually organizing her life around the major goals of getting to things and getting into them. As your baby becomes a toddler (around the age of eighteen months), the circle of her world starts to expand. There are myriad things to get into and to learn to stay out of, to climb on and around, to explore and experiment with, to take apart and throw around. There is a long list of things to do, such as learning to talk, to use the bathroom, and to feed herself, figuring out new ways to get others to pay attention, finding out about rules and restrictions, getting better at moving around without falling down – generally discovering the physical world. …

TOUCHING AND PHYSICAL CONTACT: All infants have a strong and very real need for physical contact. Without it, the deprivation is very real and may be permanent. Your baby’s need for touching and cuddling is like food for physical and emotional growth. Your infant’s need for physical contact strongly suggests this physical/emotional/social being also needs to be “fed.” Without such contact, your child “starves” physically, emotionally, and socially. …


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30 Minute Parenting Tutor

September 4th, 2017 by Gary Crow

Here are the areas covered in the tutorial. They give you a sense of the tips and suggested strategies covered in the podcast. You certainly won’t learn all you need to know about parenting by listening to the tutorial but you will have a good understanding of the scope and important keys. You will also have a good feel for how things are going with you and your child and when you would be well advised to reach out for help.


Your Nurturing Family: Your child is special, a unique individual, the only one of him (or her) there will ever be. If you do not embrace this simple truth with reverence and enthusiasm, your child will know and will never completely get over it. …


Responding in Moderation: “Nothing in excess – everything in moderation.” This old saying certainly applies to being a parent. The challenge usually has more to do with “How much?” than it does with being correct or incorrect. This dilemma of child rearing is more easily understood than explained. …


Rules and Boundaries: During their developing years, your children move from a world with no rules or boundaries set by you into a world of maximum rules and boundaries. They then gradually move back to a world with no parent rules or boundaries. You, in a parallel way, begin by setting no rules or boundaries for your children. You then move to setting maximum rules and boundaries. Gradually, you then eliminate the rules and boundaries. …


Discipline: Discipline has a negative side as it relates to rules, boundaries, and to the life-circle. Somewhat simplistically, this has to do with making your children mind and assuring they avoid unnecessary risks. Discipline also has a positive side. It encourages your children to participate in those activities and experiences that are good for them, even though this Sometimes means insisting. …


Expectations for Children: You want your children to become effective, successful adults. Reaching this goal begins with having clear notions about what qualities and characteristics effective and successful adults share. You then encourage them in your children. Alternatively, those qualities and characteristics not found in effective and successful adults should be discouraged. …


Development: Your children’s development starts with their physical, doing dimension. It incorporates their physical bodies, their potentials and capacities to do and behave, and most of what is visible in terms of their actions and activities. …


The Learning Process: Your children first discover and then experiment with what they have discovered. They then repeat the activity, action, behavior, or experience until they have either mastered it or determined it has no value for them. When your children achieve mastery, their knowledge and skills become conscious: they use the knowledge or skill when it is needed for the sake of something else. …


Assessing Your Relationship: How are you and your child getting along with each other? For the following questions, is the answer almost always yes, usually yes, sometimes yes, seldom yes, or almost never yes? …


Assessing Your Child’s Adjustment: How is your child getting along? Does he seem to be getting along well or do you see behavior or other problems that concern you? Trust your good judgement and experience. Think about your child and answer “Yes,” or “No,” to these questions. The questions that you answer “No,” focus your attention on the problems and issues needing your attention. (If your child is too young for the question to apply, simply skip that question.) …



3 Steps To Better Outcomes

September 2nd, 2017 by Gary Crow

There is a fairly simple principle that most of us know but frequently don’t follow. When we are not getting to where we were headed, continuing in the same direction probably won’t get us there. If how we have been trying to succeed is not leading to success, doubling down on the same strategy likely will not result in eventual success.


I know, you already knew that. I knew it too but still find myself using the same approaches that haven’t worked in the past with children, co-workers and in other situations where the success of others is important to me and to them. It is frustrating but actually not surprising that those approaches still don’t work.


In this episode of the Audio Tidbits Podcast I spend a few minutes thinking about this peculiar behavior and suggest steps to get beyond staying stuck in ways of relating to and working with people that haven’t worked and are unlikely to work any time soon. Please listen and see if there is a point or two there that you may find useful.


Authority Junky?

August 30th, 2017 by Gary Crow

Do you know someone who delights in figuratively pushing others around, telling them what to do, being in charge, and generally bossing others whether they are actually in a position to do that or not? It seems that their main agenda is letting everyone know that they are the big dog. Even worse, do you have to work with someone like that or spend time around them? If so, you have an authority junky in your life.


In this episode of the Audio Tidbits Podcast, I explore what is going on with those authority junkies and suggest one strategy you may want to use when put in a position where you have to put up with one of them. If this is of interest to you, please listen.


Prejudice Is Unavoidable

August 28th, 2017 by Gary Crow

Are you prejudiced? It won’t be surprising if you quickly say that you are not. But what is prejudice? It is Being biased or having a belief or attitude formed beforehand. It is to pre-judge.


I think the reality is that we are all prejudiced about some things and about some people. Actually I doubt if it is possible to grow up in a particular society at a particular time without developing prejudices about some people or groups of people in particular. We have opinions about people in our family, in our community, people in proximity to us. In turn we have opinions about people outside of our direct experience. The truth is that it would be very difficult if not impossible to function without these prejudices. Were it not for these pre-formed opinions about people, we would have to start from scratch every time we interact with someone new.


The problem comes in when we have negative or pejorative opinions of and attitudes toward groups of people simply because of their membership in a group different than ours. This is especially true when the individuals have no real choice about membership in the group. They are members of group X and we have subconsciously made prejudicial judgments about group X.


I suspect our list of personal prejudices would be fairly long for most of us. Having those prejudices is not all that much of an issue. They come with life and living. The issue is keeping the prejudices, not examining them, not making rational decisions about whether or not to maintain the prejudices we have naturally come to have.


In this episode of the Audio Tidbits Podcast, I explore the elements of prejudice and suggest some strategies we can implement to minimize how much they control our thinking, our behavior, our interactions with other people. With time and effort we can move away from judging people more or less exclusively based on which group they belong to and mostly on what they do, what they believe, how they relate to and interact with the rest of us.


Who Do You Respect?

August 24th, 2017 by Gary Crow

I have heard people say that they have no respect for this person or that individual. I think this generally means that they disapprove of the person’s beliefs, behavior, or some other aspect of who they are or how they behave. Fair enough. For most of us, there are some people we do not want to associate with and who we deplore.


Consider this though. If we were to interact with those people, how would we conduct ourselves? Would we behave disrespectfully? Would we behave in a way that conveys our contempt? Perhaps we would but more likely we would try to avoid the individuals or should that not be possible, we would try to restrain our urge to be overtly disrespectful.


Most of us have few occasions to interact with people we truly disrespect but do frequently interact with people who we can easily disrespect without any conscious intent to do so. We are simply dismissive with them and make no effort to offer them the respect they hope for and likely deserve. Although we may give no thought to it, they know we do not value them and they thus feel (quite validly) disrespected.


In this episode of the Audio Tidbits Podcast, I focus on this tendency in all of us and suggest an alternative approach to everyone and to all of our interactions with others. I suspect you will find yourself thinking about at least one person you know who has this respectfulness with others thing down pat. They are one of those people for whom respectfulness is their middle name, as they say. How do they do it? Please listen to see if the episode offers an important clue.


What Is Blocking Your Success?

August 22nd, 2017 by Gary Crow

We hear that some of us are traveling on easy street. Well, maybe so but probably not. I think it is fair to say that there is never a clear path to success. No matter how smart we are, how lucky we are, how rich we are, how old we are or how determined we are, there is always something or someone getting in our way from here to there. The issue is not whether we confront road blocks along the way. We do and will. The issue is what we do about them, how we get there in spite of the barriers and challenges.

In this episode, I share with you a little story of challenge and opportunity along with some thoughts about PRIDE and its role in our success. Please listen and consider the message.


Managing The Future

August 20th, 2017 by Gary Crow

We have all heard that the world is divided into those who tend toward optimism and those who lean toward pessimism. Some folks live at the extremes and others fall somewhere in-between. In this episode of the Audio Tidbits Podcast, I share with you a philosophy that suggests that it makes little difference whether you are optimistic or pessimistic, although Winston Churchill did note that given a choice, he figures that optimism is more fun. As we approach our futures, we have what I think of as a management opportunity. Whether we think positive or think negative, the management challenge remains the same. Please listen and see where you come down on the issue.


The World’s Best Advice (Vol. 6)

August 19th, 2017 by Gary Crow

The Audio Tidbits Podcast team has collected a series of tidbits incorporating the world’s best advice. These life gems are packaged in six episodes that we are sharing with you in the hope that you adopt them as elements in your personal style as you continue to make a difference to people who make a difference to you. This edition of the Audio Tidbits Podcast shares one of those six episodes for your enjoyment and consideration.


When Excellence Is A Choice

August 17th, 2017 by Gary Crow

We are taught that we should always do our best and give everything we do our best effort. This admonition is reinforced by sayings such as if something is worth doing it is worth doing well and conversely, if something is not worth doing well, it is not worth doing. All of that sounds like good advice but may not be.


Let me share with you a few thoughts I have shared before but seem worth repeating. The audio is less than perfect but is somewhat better than it was in its earlier edition.  Perhaps its lack of perfection does itself make the point that the message makes. Now and then, good enough is good enough. Listen and see what you think.


The World’s Best Advice (Vol. 5)

August 13th, 2017 by Gary Crow

The Audio Tidbits Podcast team has collected a series of tidbits incorporating the world’s best advice. These life gems are packaged in six episodes that we are sharing with you in the hope that you adopt them as elements in your personal style as you continue to make a difference to people who make a difference to you. This edition of the Audio Tidbits Podcast shares one of those six episodes for your enjoyment and consideration.


Broken Men

August 9th, 2017 by Gary Crow

The Audio Tidbits podcast team has one of those episodes they sometimes share with us that make us stop and think, if only for a minute or so. In this episode, the focus is on broken men and the commitment of our communities, states and nation to the continuing production of broken men. But no one would knowingly produce broken men, whatever they are. Well, please listen and see if you might just change your thinking about that.


The World’s Best Advice (Vol. 4)

August 4th, 2017 by Gary Crow

The Audio Tidbits Podcast team has collected a series of tidbits incorporating the world’s best advice. These life gems are packaged in six episodes that we are sharing with you in the hope that you adopt them as elements in your personal style as you continue to make a difference to people who make a difference to you. This edition of the Audio Tidbits Podcast shares one of those six episodes for your enjoyment and consideration.


56 Keys To Rate Great Bosses or Why You Call It Work

July 30th, 2017 by Gary Crow

James joins the Audio Tidbits Podcast today to help you decide whether or not your boss is a keeper. I know. You don’t need James to know if your boss deserves a place among the boss elite or perhaps already is solidly at the bottom of the pile of jerks who just happen to be in charge. Even so, you may find it helpful to know these 56 specific points that distinguish great bosses from the rest of the pack. They will be handy the next time you wonder if the grass may actually be greener somewhere else. Have a listen and decide for yourself.


Alien Intercept: Pollution, Politics, Obamacare & Building Walls

July 28th, 2017 by Gary Crow

Rod is back with an intercept of another transmission by the aliens among us back to their home planet. In this transmission, they are updating their home planet on business as usual in the capital city along with filling their leaders back home in on their concerns about the viability of Earth for their future purposes. Let’s listen in to see which developments they find most report worthy.


The World’s Best Advice (Vol. 3)

July 27th, 2017 by Gary Crow

The Audio Tidbits Podcast team has collected a series of tidbits incorporating the world’s best advice. These life gems are packaged in six episodes that we are sharing with you in the hope that you adopt them as elements in your personal style as you continue to make a difference to people who make a difference to you. This edition of the Audio Tidbits Podcast shares one of those six episodes for your enjoyment and consideration.


Alien Intercept: Transgender Humans & Obamacare

July 26th, 2017 by Gary Crow

Rod is back with another transmission intercept from the aliens among us. They are progressing with their infiltration of Earth and particularly with their infiltration of what they call the America pod. In this transmission, they are especially bewildered by how their leader in the capital city is handling transgender humans in the military. They have an unusual perspective. The aliens are also still reporting on the efforts to repeal or modify Obamacare. Please listen and consider their report. It raises a red flag for all of us.


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